1st European Open Source 3D Bioprinting Workshop

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1st European Open Source 3D Bioprinting Workshop

Learn to build and use the 3D Pattenator.v4, an advanced 3D bioprinter with open-source technology using mechanical extrusion.

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Währinger Gürtel 18-20 18-20 Währinger Gürtel 1090 Wien Austria

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About this event

  • 2 days 10 hours

This event is fully booked but you can still register to be put on the waiting list in case someone cancels or to participate in next year's workshops in Paris or Vienna.

In this 3-day course, we will show you how to assemble your own 3D bioprinter using open-source technology. This will not only allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the technology, but will also give you the tools you need to ensure proper maintenance, repairs and upgrades on your 3D bioprinter for years to come.

About the 3D Pattenator

The 3D Pattenator is a direct-ink-writing 3D printer that was developed by the 3D bioprinting team the Kaplan lab at Tufts University (Medford, USA). Using a combination of commercially available and 3D printed parts, it uses mechanical extrusion to enable the high-resolution 3D printing of a wide range of bioinks, including ultra-low viscosity bioinks using Freeform Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels (FRESH) printing.

About the Workshop

Through several lectures and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to properly operate the printer and print complex objects using Pluronic F127 (in air), as well as ECM hydrogels (with FRESH printing). These ECM hydrogels were developed at CBMR, Medical University of Vienna. Included in the price of the course is the 3D Pattenator.v4 you built; in addition, you will receive a sample of the ECM hydrogel, allowing you to continue printing immediately when you return to your lab.

Your benefits

  • Learn to build and use the 3D Pattenator.v4, an advanced 3D bioprinter with open-source technology using mechanical extrusion.
  • Go through a series of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and learn how to do high-resolution printing in air and in a gel support bath (FRESH printing).
  • You will take home your own 3D Pattenator.v4 that you built. Shipping is included.

Course program

The Seminar includes three training sessions to build your 3D Bioprinter, and three additional 3D Bioprinting training sessions.


The workshop will run 5-7th December 2022. This will be a 3-day course with a daily schedule of 8:30 am to 7 pm.


Fees are 2.850.- Euro per slot (includes one printer and one participant) plus 650.- for maximum one additional participant from the same team.

The fee includes (per team) all materials to build a brand-new 3D Pattenator.v4, instructions and support, ECM bioink for training and two samples to take home with your printer, food and drinks at the workshop venue for the whole 3 days, and one evening event for networking.


The Winter workshop 2022 will take place at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria), in the lecture rooms of the Center for Biomedical Research.

The training includes practical exercises on G-code design, support bath and bioink preparation, and optimization of printer settings for 3D bioprinting in air and in a support bath (FRESH printing).

Application timeline

Applications will be accepted until October 30th. Space is limited to 6 teams maximum. Selected teams will be notified by November 4th. Payment is due upon acceptance. The course will only be held if a minimum of 4 teams are enrolled.

Application procedure

If you are interested in participating please book a free ticket here on Eventbrite and we'll get in touch with you.