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Constructivist influence which leads to architectural clear sujets, calculated, without any space for coincidence

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Armin Mühsam, born 1968 in Cluj-Napoca lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. In his work is visible the constructivist influence which leads to architectural clear sujets, calculated, without any space for coincidence. “All life is architecture”, the artist explains his position.

Aside the architectural quotation of his new home, the Middle-West of Northern America which reminds on Edward Hopper, Mühsam completes his work with organic elements of nature as forests, trees, clouds. He describes a technocratic consumistic contemporary world with all its exaggeration.

Geometric clear lines are representing the analytic linear thinking, which is discovered as one of the possible causalities. In his later works he is reducing until almost it is not more possible, to identify the scenery he wants to make us aware of. Diagonals, lines, cubes, squares and complementary colors are representing a reasonable world. But nature is breaking through by the easiness of clouds, sunny atmospheres and the fed green of the forests.

Armin Mühsam’s work is more than social critic on the “American way of life” which became a “global way of life”, it is a reminder on natural, classical, eternal laws, like the appreciation of life. Even when he shapes the nature into gemometric lines, it becomes a rememberance on classical values and based on that a social critic. As the situation of our polluted world has many causalities, as well Armin Mühsam has many causalities, to warn us. The obvious strong colors in his work are a sign for the passion for life, but as well, in all deep thinking, he awakes emotions and reminds us to get angry. There are many different good reasons to loose the patience.

The nowadays rare combination of message and artistic approach in Mühsam’s work, makes him one of the most remarkable contemporary artists born in Romania.

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ART 9TEEN ist eine Kooperation des Wiener Unternehmers und Kunstsammlers Alexander Varvaressos und des Kunstsammlers und Galeristen Thomas Emmerling, welcher als Initiator und Direktor des Michelsberger Kunsthaus 7B in Siebenbürgen die künstlerische Leitung inne hat.

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