Cloudflight Coding Contest (CCC) - Coimbra


Cloudflight Coding Contest (CCC) - Coimbra

Solve a level-based coding game in competition with thousands of participants across the globe!

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University of Coimbra Pólo II - Pinhal de Marrocos 3004-531 Coimbra Portugal

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  • 4 Stunden
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The CCC (short for Cloudflight Coding Contest) is one of the biggest coding competitions of its kind. Over 4,000 coders from all around the world simultaneously compete against each other in a level-based coding game. With each level the difficulty increases and the candidate or team reaching the highest level within the shortest time wins.

How do you get in?

Step 1. Find your location on the registration page.

Step 2. Choose your track: #Classic, #AI

Step 3. Decide if you participate alone or as a team

Step 4. Register and receive all the updates via email

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