#E4s - Decision Taking from the Emerging Future in Scientific Context

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#E4s - Decision Taking from the Emerging Future in Scientific Context

by Marco Schlimpert

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TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center Taubstummengasse 11, 4th floor 1040 Vienna Austria

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  • 3 hours
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“When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters however… the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves.“ - Sigmund Freud

“Man muss seiner Intuition und seinen Spinnereien ein bisschen vertrauen.“ („You have to trust your intuition and your crazy ideas a bit.) - Anton Zeilinger (2022, after the announcement of his Nobel prize)

Scientific Research deals with different degrees of emerging complex situations. Ap Dijksterhuis and Loran Nordgren formulated the „Unconscious Thought Theory (UTT)” in 2006 after a series of consumer choice experiments. UTT states that in emerging complex situations decision-making with intuitive methods offers higher quality decisions than those based on cognitive methods.

Decision-making in Scientific Research requires the right balance of cognitive and intuitive methods. So-called “illumination ideas” often arise in moments of relaxation and mostly are felt to arise “just by chance”.

Guided intuitive methods though offer additional insights into facts and figures in complex situations. One of these methods is the so-called Business Constellation work. This method is being applied at M.I.T. (Claus Otto Scharmer, PhD @ u.lab) and the University of Bremen (Dr. Georg Müller Christ @ FoL-A-Lab). Detailed Scientific Research on the functionality of this topic can be read in the book of Dr. Thomas Gehlert (University of Technology Chemnitz): “System-Aufstellungen und ihre naturwissenschaftliche Begründung. Grundlage für eine innovative Methode zur Entscheidungsfindung in der Unternehmensführung“

Why shall Business Constellation be applied?

  • Especially in the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex world with full of ambiguities), decisions require a balance of facts and figures with guided intuitive insights.
  • Business Constellation is a well-proven intuitive method and offers a profound assessment of your options and hypothesis.
  • It combines all senses of human beings: cognitive feeling, sensing and cognitive and intuitive thinking.
  • It provides you with additional information which you might not have access to with cognitive methods only.
  • It unveils your blind spot and opens the room for new and additional insights.
  • It offers you to make visible the cause and effect of your potential decisions.
  • Scientifically proven, it offers high-quality „presencing“ of future developments and „testing“ of different options.

How does it work?

  • Prepare your hypothesis and options with facts and figures.
  • Identify your concerns in decision making.
  • Conduct constellation work guided by a professional „constellation coach“.
  • Individuals, so-called „representatives“ represent the different options, stakeholders, potential developments, resources, etc. positioned in the room.
  • Because of the relative position in the room, the individuals will experience physical and mental sensations, thoughts and emotions they will express to the whole group.
  • By doing this, each individual will react in a certain way. Step by step the constellation coach guides the group to a potential solution, including the necessary ressources.
  • In a short period of time, different options can be tested and their effects reflected. Mitigation measures this way can be derived with high quality.

You can conduct Business Constellation to…

…evaluate the status on certain projects and their needs.

… identify the effects on organisation and stakeholders.

…make visible market potentials for projects / start ups and the required resources to be successful.

… test the market developments and decision options.

… receive additional insight and information as basis for holistic decision making.

…evaluate the cooperation with different departments, potential customers and investors.

…evaluate potential causes for quality issues.

…any situation where you need to take a difficult decision and you would like to access to addition information.

About the speaker - Marco Schlimpert

Senior Vice President, expert at driving complex teams to deliver high levels of performance by driving purpose and targets in organizations to achieve sustainability for B2B & B2C companies | Disruptive Perspectives

I am a Senior Vice President of Performance & Operations, expert at driving complex teams to deliver high levels of performance by driving purpose in organizations with ambitious targets to achieve sustainability for B2B & B2C companies. In shaping business models to fit the future of organizations, I ensure transformations deliver performance targets.

When enhancing processes and operations, I lead teams to become best-in-class and deliver tangible P&L improvements, harnessing the latest digital technologies to achieve more efficient business and production processes, encourage collaboration and drive decision making.

When Lenzing Group needed to safeguard profitability, production and operations in response to COVID-19. As SVP, I established 4P’s commercial and operations strategy. I defined production footprint, CAPEX and OPEX strategies, streamlined and optimized manufacturing portfolio, planning and supply chain, drove OEE and converted production to make-to-order, transitioning from a commodity led focus. Succeeded in improving EBIDTA significantly with double digit market share growing and OTIF increasing.

When Lenzing Group needed to expand and drive operations to deliver performance improvements. As VP of Performance Improvements, I formed a Global team of ~40 to drive performance. I integrated processes, working methods and technology across Group, stimulated intrinsic motivation with training, led break-through projects and drove pipeline, savings and OEE efficiencies. Succeeded in uncovering substantial annual savings to increase OEE and productivity.

One of my core skills is acting as key catalyst to develop world-class visions and strategies for implementation that optimize resources, grow margins and improve EBIDTA.

I am passionate about employing “radical” human approaches to leadership, personally engaging with stakeholders to transform and improve cultures without losing performance delivery capability. And about providing disruptive perspectives.

About the Entrepreneurship for Scientists Series

The Entrepreneurship for Scientists Series organized by the TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) is targeting scientists who would like to enrich or develop personal entrepreneurial skillset & business competencies, know more about opportunities how to navigate innovations from „the lab“ to society or who would simply like to engage in entrepreneurial thinking. These workshops are free of charge to scientists from all faculties and institutes of TU Wien. Registration required.