Find Your Female Co-Founder #10 - WeDO5 & INiTS


Find Your Female Co-Founder #10 - WeDO5 & INiTS

Female Co-Founders are the new gold! "The few Startups with Female founders raise more venture cash" Source:

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INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 1, Media Quarter Marx 3.2, 1st floor 1030 Wien Austria

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Find Your Female Co-Founder #10 - WeDO5 & INiTS

Join us at the 10th edition of the Find Your Female Co-Founder in collaboration with INiTS, the number 1 High Tech Business Incubator in the DACH region. e

This is an opportunity to make the right connections, find Co-Founders, Team Members, Co-Workers, Investors.

We’re also looking for talented and ambitious women who want to join an early-stage startup and make their mark. You’ll have the opportunity to network with likeminded individuals and expand your network.

Attract female co-founders or workers and get started on building your dream team today.

Or: If you’re ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, then this is the event for you.

Either way: Don’t miss out and register today!

🗓️ DATE: 🗓️

TUESDAY, 14th Feb 2023 17:00- 21:00 Find Your Female Co-Founder Event Day

MONDAY., 13. Feb. 2023 15:00-18:00 - Pitch-Training Day -(OPTIONAL )-

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1) "GUEST":

If you're passionate about startups and want to learn more, join us at this event! You'll have the opportunity to meet founders and hear their stories, learn about co-founder or opportunities for co-founders, team members, investors - or network with others.


If you are looking for a co-founder, team member, or investor, this is a great opportunity to find them. So please come and pitch your business idea! The price is €15,- or free for members with a discount code (see below).

After the registration send your 3 min pitch deck by Monday 6th Feb 2023 end of business to .


Get prepared for the pitch next day! Practice makes perfect! Prepare by attending this workshop. The price is €30,- or free for members with a discount code (see below). The pitch training will be one day before at the same venue starting at 15.00h.

About INiTS

INiTS is Vienna's high-tech incubator and has developed into one of the best academic incubators worldwide since its foundation in 2002. With the SCALEup incubation program, the START:IP technology marketplace and STARTKapital of up to € 100,000, INiTS is focused on innovative research and technology-intensive startups.

With a special bonus of up to € 7.500 INiTS is supporting female founders or mixed teams as well as startups with clima-related topics which are accepted into the program. Learn more about these opportunities and apply at


WeDO5 is a community of female entrepreneurs passionate about making an impact.

HELP WOMEN THRIVE - We believe that when women prosper, society as a whole thrives. That's why we're committed to helping female impact startups succeed. With our support, they have the power to create real change in their communities and beyond.

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