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Picturesque corners of Vienna´s city centre - Virtual Live Tour (50Min)

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Picturesque corners of Vienna´s city centre

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Virtual Live - Tour - Picturesque Corners of Vienna's City Centre

Vienna without the Ringstrasse would be like a diamond without a setting.

Vienna's Ringstrasse is not a mere string of buildings, but rather an artistic ornamentation around a precious and sensitive gem: Vienna's inner city, which illuminates the mind with its luminosity.

On this tour we will visit part of Vienna's Ringstrasse. Starting from the Vienna City Hall Park, we will explore a part of history and take a closer look at the buildings of Vienna's Ringstrasse to arrive at one of the most picturesque places in Vienna's city centre.

Let us surprise you! The first online live tour in 2021!

This event is organised by "4 Minutes - History, Art & Culture".

Immediately after booking you will receive the booking confirmation and the link to participate as well as all information. The conditions of participation can be read below.


Conditions of participation & terms and conditions

(When booking the tour, it is assumed that you have read them).

Immediately after boarding, you will be admitted by the moderator and it is mandatory that you enter the BOOKING CODE given in the subject of the email. This information is mandatory to verify the booking and must take place within a maximum of 5 minutes after boarding. A screenshot of the QR code is also permitted. If you do not provide the correct booking confirmation code or the correct QR code, we will be forced to exclude you from the live tour again.

The booking code can be used once and loses its validity from the moment it is entered in the chat.

This ticket entitles one person to take part in the tour. Participation can take place using a smartphone as well as a PC.

Conditions of participation:

(read in any case, maximum 2-3 minutes reading time)

- To participate in the tour, we recommend installing the Zoom app. Participation is also possible with a browser, but we do not accept any liability should difficulties arise due to the use of a browser.

- It is also recommended to use a stable internet connection. If the tour is viewed from a smartphone via mobile data connection, at least 4G is required. We do not accept any liability in the event that the participant's internet connection is not fast enough. The internet connection should at least be fast enough to enjoy HD content on YouTube. This information has already been given before booking, subsequent complaints will not be accepted.

- The tour has a duration of 45 + 5 minutes (50 minutes in total). During the last 5 minutes, a couple of the questions asked will be put through to the tour guide. The tour guide will then answer some of them. The decision as to which questions will be answered and which will not is the sole responsibility of the tour guide.

These rules are intended to ensure an enjoyable and relaxed tour for all participants, so please read them carefully:

- Participation is voluntary.

- Both the video and the microphone function will be disabled for all participants.

- It is allowed to ask questions in the chat (but with moderation).

- It is forbidden to give your own lectures or to reprimand or insult other participants. If it turns out that a participant is using the chat to give his or her own lecture or to insult other participants, the chat function will be blocked for that participant.

- Any discriminatory, insulting, Holocaust-denying or criminal statements are strictly prohibited. If such a statement is made, the participant will be warned once; if the participant violates this rule twice, he or she will be excluded without exception and without the right to a refund.

- In the case of Holocaust-denying or criminal statements, we reserve the right to inform the authorities and to exclude the participant from the tour immediately and without the right to a refund.

- The chat is not meant for talking amongst each other. However, comments are of course welcome.

- Any corrective statements during the tour are strictly forbidden. It is a kind of lecture and during a lecture it is not usual to interrupt the lecturer or to take over or criticise his lecture. If this is breached, there will be a single warning, and if there are two warnings, you will be excluded from the tour without exception and without the right to a refund.


- In case of illness of the participants, a one-time issuance of a voucher to book another tour is possible. For this purpose, the announcement must take place at least one hour before the start of the tour. If the announcement is made outside this period, no refund will be made and no voucher will be issued.

- If participants do not show up, neither a refund nor the issue of a voucher will be possible.

- A refund of a ticket will only be given if the event is cancelled by the organiser.

Further notes:

- We would like to point out that this is not content that is specifically suitable for children, and topics may be discussed that are not always suitable for children. We therefore accept no liability in the event that one of the participants decides to let the child watch as well.

- Any video or audio recording of the tour is prohibited. All content offered, as well as the pictures shown, are subject to copyright or are the property of Achim Davide Ferrandina. If any infringement is found or the content is distributed without permission, a copyright lawsuit may be filed.

Kind regards

Your "45 Minutes - History, Art & Culture" Team.

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Organiser Achim Davide Ferrandina

Organiser of Picturesque corners of Vienna´s city centre - Virtual Live Tour (50Min)

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