Silent Dating (27-42 years) - ENGLISH


Silent Dating (27-42 years) - ENGLISH

The authentic dating event - refreshing, honest, different.

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Edison Alser Straße 9 1080 Wien Austria

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The authentic dating event - refreshing, honest, different.

Silent Dating focuses on non-verbal communication. Getting to know each other takes place without words, but with much more interaction, recognition and engagement. Playfully you get to know each other "between the lines", laugh together about new situations and meet new people in a nice, unusual way.

Our techniques are dynamic, varied and allow you to explore your own comfort zone as well. Everything is a "can", but not a "must". You have the opportunity to get to know around 10 interesting singles in one evening. Because often you feel even better, without talking and in the honesty of the moment, whether there could be a spark...

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We meet on the second floor, where we are among ourselves. The registration time starts at 20:00, so you can arrive comfortably in the first half hour. At 20:30 we will start with the program, which we will moderate in German. You will participate in playful activities that will last about two hours. There will be a short break halfway through the program. You can order drinks at any time. The Edison also has very good food, but we recommend it before or after the event. After the program you can write down on a matching sheet who you would like to meet again. We will send you your matches within 48 hours. At the end of the event you will have the opportunity to meet for a drink. We recommend to plan some time for this :)

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