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We all know entrepreneurship has its all ups and downs, so KulturenReich invites you to meet, share ideas and exchange experiment!

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We DO BREAKFAST á la KulturenReich


  • A group of entrepreneur ladies with superpower
  • A little bit of excitement
  • Thousands of questions and helping hands
  • A safe environment
  • Cheerfulness and laid back friendly networking

And why is this breakfast meetup so delicious and special? Because the final result is something we make all together with heart and passion.

The meetup starts with a fast introduction of every participant and the topics we discuss are depending on the group. We all have our burning questions, sometimes we struggle with some issues or just need support and share our story to continue our path. Here you will have the chance to ask. This community has it’s supportive environment where the members are understanding each other because we are all in the same shoes.

Last time we worked in 5 groups, and each one discussed one of the following topics:

  • How to find the right price of my product/service?
  • How to build up my own team?
  • How to find investors?
  • Work-life balance
  • Implementation from idea to business

These questions were coming from entrepreneurs with different background and experience and from those who are aspiring after starting their own businesses.

And just in front of us two of our members cooperated and they are going to organize workshops together, a jeweler may going to have a photo shoot with a fashion designer, and someone will just organize her first workshop to test her idea on our members and get some feedbacks.

We support each other. We share. We build partnership. We DO!

And now you really want to participate, right?

Hope to see you soon!

When: Friday, 15th November 2019 (and many more Fridays to come!)

At 08.30-10.30

We start on time and finish on time!

So please be punctual, ladies!

Where: Talent Garden Vienna

Cafe Area

Liechtensteinstraße 111-115

1090 Vienna - Austria


You can find more information about Kulturenreich on

Our passion to support your business is deep routed and free, the workshop organization comes with a cost.

We thank you for your voluntary contribution between 5 - 10 EUR to keep the momentum running.

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