it's cool to be kind. 



We create experiences and spaces that nurture body & mind, inspiration, growth and joy.

Our retreats and events are an invitation to discover not only yourself, but also new people and teachings that you might not find in your regular yoga studio. We want to encourage creative process, establish sustainable and healthy ways of living and enjoy the beautiful/good things in life together with you: movement, food, people & nature. 




kindclub is a forward thinking community combining movement with food, art, modern spirituality, travel and mindfulness. kindclub is all about bringing unique people and settings together – offering and being a place to gather, collaborate and create together

Our aim is it to create a loving and supportive community for exchange, inspiration, expansion and growth. Kindclub is a place where you are seen, heard and felt. 

We are convinced that we need more togetherness, friendship and exchange in life - more than ever before. Less competition, judgement and fear driven actions.