Rhizomatic Rave {Zirkus aus Zucker}


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F23 Kulturzentrum - F23.wir.fabriken

176 Breitenfurter Straße

1230 Wien


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Rhizomatic Circus Collective feat. Gassen aus Zucker

Zu diesem Event



This is not a regular Rhizomatic Circus Show !

Financial Income is used to support the Rhizomatic Circus Collective for their further work !

RAVE | collective dance event |

Durational performative parcours | Performance | Exhibition | Installations | Techno

doors open // Reservations only //: 20:30

doors open for all: 21:00

>> performances start: 21:30 <<

Performance Line-Up:

21:15 // Vast emptiness

21:30 // The Banquet

21:45 // Noctis

22:00 // Walking Giants

22:30 // Opening Clownfloor > where will the night take us...

> Sophia Meerpohl

> Discofishes + Plancton

> Oktopus salad

23:00 // ...and the suitcase

23:15 // Wake up!

0:15 // Erotic ecology

Gassen aus Zucker floor start: 22:00


box office close: 03:30 (no new entry after that time)

doors close: 06:00

Recommended donation: 12-22€

{ Reservation }

HERE: https://onenightofcollectivesweat.eventbrite.at/

We highly reccommend reserving your Ticket beforehand - the reservation queue opens at !! 20:30 !!


About a third of our tickets will still be available at the box office, so don't hesitate to come spontaneously even if you don't have a reservation - there will be live updates as well!

{ Accessibility }

All areas of the event will be accessible to people with reduced mobility!

{ Smoke-free policy }

Even if it's a rave - we kindly ask you to refrain from smoking anywhere inside the building for the whole duration of the event. It is really important to us, that EVERYONE can come and be comfortable - there is a roofed area just outside the entry and a big yard suitable for smoking :)

{ Awareness }

For this event we are cooperating with AwA Vienna


{ Eco-friendliness }

We are an Eco Event Plus and there will be many environmental activities on site! Please contribute to make the rave as eco-friendly as possible!

{ Location}


Breitenfurterstraße 176, 1230 Wien

Please choose an enviromental way to get to the F23 - e.g.: via public transport from U6Meidling with the bus 62A. During the night, we provide a riksha schuttle service to get you to The U-Bahn comfortably and there is plenty of room for bikes in the courtyard!


~ one night of collective sweat ~

The rhizomatic journey takes us to a labyrinth of transient beauty, a lavish feast that culminates in a lustful celebration that unifies us through dance.

Let´s connect with the rhythm of life in a night of collective sweat.

...open yourself for the unpredictable, seek the unfindable (or let it find you), look out for opening doors...

...let a rhizomorph spirit of CIRCUS carry you through the night!


Thanks to the Support of:



Rhizomatic Circus:

Web: www.rhizomatic.at

Insta: https://instagram.com/rhizomaticcircus?igshid=1ffssy3zgtxma

FB: https://www.facebook.com/RhizomaticCircusCollective/

Datum und Uhrzeit


F23 Kulturzentrum - F23.wir.fabriken

176 Breitenfurter Straße

1230 Wien


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