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Dr. Maindl Consulting


Dr. Maindl Consulting enables their customers to achieve real cost savings and increase profit by applying advanced mathematics and optimization methods.


The founder Thomas I. Maindl, PhD has held expert and management positions in the chemical and software industries for over 15 years after finishing his pre- and post-doctoral scientific studies. During this time he successfully developed, implemented, and deployed numerous optimization-based advanced planning applications for customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, high tech, automotive, energy production and trading, and wood and paper industries in Europe, the USA, and Asia. A large part of these projects focuses on optimal supply chain planning, other projects involve applied artificial intelligence (expert systems), solving assignment problems in the field of education, optimal commission structure, or developing alternative medical diagnostic methods. Dr. Maindl Consulting also offers scientific computing advice focusing on detailed impact simulations of solid bodies including elasto-plastic dynamics, penetration, fragmentation, and merging. Thomas Maindl wrote the book

  Kallrath, J. & Maindl, T. I., Real Optimization with SAP® APO, Springer, 2006

and is the author of numerous research papers on scientific computing. He also teaches logistics, supply chain management, advanced planning with SAP, scientific high-performance computing, and astrophysics at universities internationally.

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